Pro Voice For Your Explainer & Whiteboard Videos


Do you have a big book collection and you’re looking to downsize? Did you inherit a big collection and you don’t know what to do with it? Snapknock is an innovative new app that will make selling all those books a breeze!

Marc Scott is as solid a voice over you can get. With MinuteVideos we deal with voice overs on a daily basis and it was a pure pleasure dealing with Marc. Delivery within 24 hours, a perfect read that didn’t require any fixes and a very unique voice that just draws the listener into the story. I’m very very happy ~ Marc Schwyn

Hand-drawn whiteboard videos are a very popular way of promoting apps. So if you’re a developer that’s got a new app, or if you’re in the process of creating one, I’d consider creating a video for it as part of your marketing plan.

When it comes time to add the voice over, that’s where I come in. Let me give your words life!

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  • Katherine Curriden

    This is great Marc!!!