Pro Voice For Your Explainer & Whiteboard Videos

Cloud Cruiser

Would you like to become an IT hero? Learn how Cloud Cruiser can turn you into one by providing the clarity and control you need to minimize costs in your datacenter.

Our company has been working with Marc for years. Marc is easy to work with, and very professional. Our clients are satisfied with his voice. ~ Galuh Pratiwi

Cloud Cruiser can turn you into an IT hero. Finding the right voice over to tell your story can turn you into a production hero!

The difference between a great explainer video and an ordinary explainer video can often be the voice you use. You want someone who can interpret your script, understand your message, and tell your story in a way that engages your audience.

That’s where I come in. Let me give your words life!

I’ve voiced literally hundreds of explainer and whiteboard videos. I understand the genre, and can give you the read your need. From fun and friendly to corporate and professional and all points in between.

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