Pro Voice For Your Explainer & Whiteboard Videos


AdMaster is China’s leading marketing data solution provider specialized in data collection, analysis and management.

“Marc delivered a great job for us within 24 hours. Plus, he was professional and a pleasure to work with. Will definitely work with him again!” ~ Sheryl Chung

When you’re shopping around for services, who are you most likely to contract? The plumber that’s been on the job for a week? The mechanic that’s only fixed a few cars? The hairstylist who does it as a fun hobby, but has no training?

Or are you looking for an experienced professional? Someone who can get the job done right the first time? Someone who will deliver on every promise?

Explainer video voice over work is my specialty. I’ve voiced hundreds of them! I can take your script and tell your story, exactly how you’re hearing it in your head.

Let me give your words life!

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